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Hello Everybody! I have been using this site as a tool for years now, but didn't make my own account until today. I知 21 years old and living in NYC. I recently applied to SUNY Stony Brook and I知 trying to decide on my future... Read More

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    When i applied, average gpa was about 3.8, and they only take about 1 or 2 students from SBU. Usually the students have thousands of hours of experience and are top tier students with tons of extracurriculars

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    One or two students from SBU? Wow. Maybe things have changed since then. I've read on a few other forums and talked to a few people here at SBU, and they said you're more likely to get into the nursing program as a current SBU student because you're well aware of how hard the classes are.

    I'm also seriously considering getting my undergraduate degree in Health Science and then going into the PA program.
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    Yeah, maybe it changed in the 2 years since I was there. Myself and a friend both applied to the RN accelerated program and the standard RN program. The ABSN program we were both denied into, and we were told the minimum GPA to get in was a 3.5, but average was 3.8, low of 3.7X when i applied, and the average hours of experience in the medical field were around 2k hours. FOr the standard RN program, (this is the one thats easier for SBU students to get into) the average was higher, and I think around 3.8. My friend Sean had a cum. GPA of 3.9 and was denied because he didn't have the experience to make him a "competitive" candidate, I was denied with a 3.6 cum. GPA with over 4k hours of experience. Not to mention I started up a group on campus (SBCCERT) and that wasn't enough to make me a strong candidate there.

    For the PA program, I didnt apply to it, but have some friends currently in it (my class that graduated with me, and should be graduating from the PA program this year). I know the selection process was intense, many many many people apply, but they prefer to take SBU students for it. My suggestion, get the volunteer hours (I think it was just under 2000 hours when I went there, probably still around there) They require the hours be done before you even apply to the PA program (thats what kicked back a lot of applicants). If you need volunteer hours, SBVAC (Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps) is an excellent way to get it, but you will need something more, they like to see in hospital hours (not patient sitting either, usually either patient care technician, or phlebotomy, or other things). They look over the activities you do, not just count the hours done.

    And my degree was Health Sciences, Healthcare Management. Its basically the same courses as the BSN courses, just not as focused on nursing, more on general management.
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    Thanks for all the detailed information, Fireman! From the sounds of it they only accept 4.0 students. I have a 3.9 now, but I think it will be slightly lower by the time I actually apply. When you said "Hours of experience" do you mean shadowing/volunteering?

    I'm also taking chem and pre-calc at Nassau over the summer. Hopefully that won't look bad on my application, but it's a lot cheaper and will speed things up. You're making me worried, however! =P

    Also, I heard they put a lot of thought into your personal letter/statement. I have a pretty out of the ordinary story, so I'm hoping that will play in my favor.
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    By experience i mean hands on, patient action. They sift through the hours and remove things such as patient sitting, or any other hours that dont have a real patient connection (hands on).

    As for the letter, I heard the personal statement means a good amount, but references mean more. They look more for bigger references. Not like some psychology professor, or high school counselor, but rather people like department heads, or volunteer hour managers and such. Also, the grades are important, over the summer because of proximity and cost, i doubt they would be concerned with where you take it.

    and for the story, Keep it important. I remember when i talked to the admissions there, they said they didnt need a whole life story, they'd rather hear what you learned and applied it.
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    Oh I see. Thanks!

    If you don't mind me asking, are you in a nursing program now?
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    I am in a nursing program right now. Just over halfway done. Due to financial restraints and the time i decided to apply (late june) I got accepted into a school in pennsylvania completing my ADN and doing my BSN classes at the same time. So in a year ill have my ADN and BSN and due to the schools connections I can move into an MSN program after graduation (family Nurse Practitioner)
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    Congrats! Seems like things are going well for you!

    I shadowed a Physical Therapist the other-day--which is also something I'm very interested in. The thing is, my two in a half years of college I have now won't do anything towards my nursing major, and I wont be able to apply for the nursing program until 2015 after I'm done with all these pre-nursing classes. The adviser showed me that I could use my two years of college towards a undergraduate degree such as psychology or health science, and than apply for the DPT program for Physical Therapy. The way the sequence works, I will have a DPT in PT the same amount of time I would have a BSN in nursing.

    I guess it still comes down to what I would really want to do, but I would honestly love doing both.

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