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Hello Everybody! I have been using this site as a tool for years now, but didn't make my own account until today. I知 21 years old and living in NYC. I recently applied to SUNY Stony Brook and I知 trying to decide on my future... Read More

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    It's up to you...I withdrew from many classes early on in my college career before I figured out how I learn, etc. Many people withdraw. The class sounds interesting though! Make sure that your class gives feedback to the college regarding the structure, etc. They should know. If you have time after studying the other classes and making A's, then you can always figure out what you will take next time and start studying a little here and there now. Or get student work to have extra cash. Or volunteer for a few months somewhere, hosp or not. Do adult literacy at the library, there is tons to do so you don't feel adrift!

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    Thanks, Missnurse01!! I actually don't as bad now. The way the class point system works made me feel a lot better. Two fellow classmates I have met actually got below 20's on the test. It is still possible for me to get an A, however. I spoke with the teacher about a better outline of what to focus on during our readings and he helped me a lot.

    On a better note, I have been doing very well on my English and electives classes. I'm worried about pre-calc that I am taking over the summer, though. I'm also considering going to see my mom over the summer and volunteering at the local hospital there. If I do volunteer on the weekends every summer, figured by the time I apply for the actual program I will have good references letter and such. I just wish I was a nurse already!
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    The time will come sweetie. I know its a long road. I have been taking classes almost continually for 19 years! Just entering grad school in the fall
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    NYC- where are you taking classes now? I just read all the posts (quickly) and didn't follow if you actually got into SB or are in. Community college still. If you are not in SB yet because of residency, can you file for something like an emancipated minor (I know you are not a minor), but if you've been on your own and haven't lived with your parents, and can show some proof of residency in NY (like a utility bill or anything mailed to your local address) perhaps that would suffice?

    If not, any of the CCs in that area have nursing programs as well (or in the 5 boroughs). Worst case scenario, you take as many classes as you can at the CC, and maybe by the time you are finished with those classes, you will have your residency taken care of? If not, get your AD, then do the RN-BSN at SB?

    You seem to have this unbelievable drive, and have overcome so much adversity. I wouldn't let any of this get you too down right now. I firmly believe it will all come together.
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    Thanks for the encouraging words, ProfRN4. I ended up taking out a loan and I am now a full time student at Stony Brook University. I'm living on campus so it's quite different, but so far I like the experience.

    Today I was slightly discouraged, or maybe upset is a better word. I have been doing very well on all of my midterms--especially my papers. Yesterday, my teacher came up to me out of a class of 250 and told me my writing was wonderful. She actually gave me a lot of extra credit, which put me well above the average class score ( I don't mean to brag, this is all just really exciting for me). However, like I said before I did poorly on one midterm, as did the entire class. The average was a 42 if I remember correctly. Anyway, I saw three answers on my test that were marked incorrect even though they were the right answers. I went to the teacher during office hours and he gladly fixed them. Out of curiosity he asked where I attended high school. All I responded with was, " My high school experience was quite different from most, and my mother wasn't the greatest teacher." He became very interested and started asking questions about my curriculum. I gave him a little information (not much) and he kept saying, " Oh, so you're at a disadvantage than most students here", or " Just do the best you can, you missed the part of your life where you were supposed to be plugged in." It wasn't the what he said exactly, it's the way he said it. He made me sound like some case he could work on, and he was very pretentious and almost condescending. It doesn't help he graduated from Yale. As silly as this sounds, I was dying for him to ask my GPA so I could tell him I was a straight A student. Every time I see him now he looks at me as if I don't understand the material he is teaching, even though I am constantly helping other student understand concepts.

    Maybe I am over reacting and being too self absorbed, but it actually made me upset.

    Anyway, sorry for ranting. I can't exactly talk to fellow students about all of this. Sometimes it's nice to come on here and just talk.

    BTW, someone messaged me, and I was unable to message them back. If you're reading this just know if I can do it, you can too! = )
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    I just have a quick question for anyone on here. I am thinking about taking pre-calculus online over the summer, because in the Fall I have to take calculus here. I would consider taking it in the classroom, but it's cheaper this way and I do have to work. Would anyone advise against this?
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    I was accepted to SBU as a pre-nursing student for Fall 2013 but I am deciding to finish all my pre-reqs at another school then apply again to their School of Nursing ...But be careful because a Intro to General Chem at CC may not transfer over as their General Chem 131 at SBU. But for Pre-Calc as long as you do the HW and study , it shouldn't matter if you take it online or in class IMO.
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    I went to Stony Brook University from 2007-2011. Loved the academics, and living on campus, but the people were some of the stupidest, and strangest people you would meet. Many of the professors are pretentious, or feel as though they are more important than they are. Especially (if he's still there) a certain professor of the biologies who tends to fail 75% of the class with a rigorous curriculum. Just stick it out, and if you feel seriously wronged in any way, the ombubs office (outside corner of the library near old chem). Just hang in there, The school isn't as bad as it appears.
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    I actually love Stony Brook. I'll be sure to stay away from that Biology class, however.

    Can anyone give me some insight about what a realistic gpa is to get into most nursing programs?( preferably Stony Brook)

    After this semester, I am looking at either a 3.5 or a 3.8 if I really do well on my last two exams. I'm just so anxious. I could blow one test and ruin my chances for the program here.
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    Quote from FutureNurseNYC
    I just have a quick question for anyone on here. I am thinking about taking pre-calculus online over the summer, because in the Fall I have to take calculus here. I would consider taking it in the classroom, but it's cheaper this way and I do have to work. Would anyone advise against this?
    I think it depends on how you learn. It is not an easy class! I am in trig/precal and I am very good at math and I am struggling. Thank god I didnt try to take this online I would have been lost! I can take many classes online..math isnt one of em.

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