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    If you are homesick and don't think you can get your BSN, you can go home and enter an ADN program (the 2-yr one).

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    OP as far as a "step-down" I want to enlighten you that PN school is INTENSE, actually MORE INTENSE than taking prerequisites. Nursing school, regardless of scope, is "less intense" than the other. Both require you to learn the nursing process within the scope, theory and clinical work. In PN school, you are expected to grasp the theory for most subjects within a week or two, as well as clinicals up to three days a week. In my senior block, we were charge nurses and had to command a hallway, giving at least 1/2 the hallway; one hallway to two nursing students in a long term care (LTC) facility. When I was in my BSN program, I had a charge nurse role as well; along with experience on a more acute floor and rotations through ER. Both scenarios shed some light on the "intensity" of roles as a nurse.

    You also have to take the boards and pass as well, which can be intense.

    My point is, nursing can be very intense-we are dealing with lives here. If this is something you want to do, by all means, if you feel homesick, feel free to apply to programs back home, as well as seek out assistance for your anxiety. I have horrible test anxiety, as well as issues related to anxiety and mood type traits, so I totally understand how that feels. I sought our help for my "quirks" and issues, and passed my boards the first time. Success is very much possible after a failure...it is up to you. Good Luck!!!
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    Thanks so much! All these posts have been clearing up so many concerns.
    I have decided to finish up the semester at the university I am at and then go home to attend a nursing school while living at home. I have learned that nursing school is going to be much more intense than my previous major (elememntary ed) I am determined to do this and feel I would be able to concentrate more at home.
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