What to do while in college?

  1. Firt and foremost, I wanted to introduce myself. I've read many threads here, but I've never actually registered until today! My name is Joseph, I'm currently a High School senior, and I'll be taking Pre-Reqs for an Associate's Degree in Nursing at Daytona State College this Fall (2013). I want to attend UCF afterwards to earn my BSN. I'm really excited about my career choice, and figured that it would be wise to join allnurses for any questions I had... after all, who better to answer questions about nursing than nurses themselves, right?

    I've taken a plethora of classes applicable to healthcare field, all at Honors+ level... including Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Personal Fitness, Health Science I and II, as well as a class in Emergency Medical Response (I hope to soon be a nationally registered EMR soon - I've taken and passed the psychomotor portion of the NREMT test, and I'll be taking the cognitive sometime this month along with my classmates). I graduate June 1st, and, want to do something part-time that related to the medical field while I attend college... though I'm not sure what my best option is. I've considered becoming a CNA, but I've also spoken to my EMR teacher, who is a paramedic, and he suggested that I become a Medical Assistant, phlebotomist, or even an LPN... and, I'm unsure how to become any of them and still study to be an RN.

    I have much more research to do, but I figured I would ask what some of you would suggest I do, and how I would do it. Whatever it may be, I want to become a part of the medical field while I study for my ADN/BSN, and any advice I receive will be very much appreciated.

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    I'm finishing up my first year in college. I also thought about being a CNA while in college. I was duel enrolled in a CNA class in high school & passed with flying colors but in the end I decided not to become a CNA and focus on college. I felt like it was in my best interest to focus on school during the semester & work during the summer. I actually start my job next week.

    Maybe you can look into starting a CNA program during the summer & come close to finishing so you won't have very much to complete in school, other than that I'm not sure how you can become any one of those while studying to be an RN, but whatever you decide to do is your preference, just make sure you can balance it with school because your grades really count. Good luck!
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