What to do for Spring semester 2018?

  1. I will be taking my LPN pre-reqs this coming Fall and I already know that I won't be able to apply for the LPN program for Spring 2018. I was planning to just take Spring semester off and study very hard for the TEAS test and apply for Fall 2018 or should I be doing something else? In order for me to apply for the LPN program Fall 2018, I would need all pre-reqs + TEAS test completed by Spring 2018. Should I just take extra classes or take Spring off and study?

    I'm not sure about other schools, but these are my pre-reqs:

    ENGL 1010 OR ENG 1101
    PSYC 1010 OR PSY 1101
    MATH 1012 OR MATH 1111
    ALHS 1060
    ALHS 1011 OR BIOL 2113 and 2113L and 2114 and 2114L(inclusive)

    Thank you in advance!~
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