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I know we're only in prenursing & some just started or have gotten accepted into the program, but I was just curious if you guys had an idea of what kind of nurse you wanted to be? Like which specialty? Or department. And if... Read More

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    I really haven't got a clue. I can only say with some marginal amount of certainty that hospice and ED are not for me - I don't think my personality is quite right for those. I am interested in forensic nursing eventually, but I'm sure I'll run into many other fun work environments and jobs along with way.

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    My dream is CRNA.

    It's gonna be a long road....
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    I'm looking forward to becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner. Initially i wanted to be a pediatrician, after i got a shot and didn't cry for the 1st time lol (7y/o). But i had a a nudge in a different direction when my mother was pregnant later. My little sister was a premie and my mom had gestational diabetes so it was a pretty rough time in the household emotionally for everyone. My mom was worried leaving the baby in the hospital, and me being the helpless big sis at 8 couldn't do much consoling. It was a stressful period for me. Fast forward.... My little sister will be 13 on valentines day and she's still a little small, but she's so precocious. I'm looking forward to my nursing career.
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    I want to be a labor and delivery nurse. I eventually want to work my way up to a women's health nurse practitioner. I just love the field! I have been on internships and have seen first hand what they do, and it appeals greatly to me. I love women's care.
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    I'm still a pre-nursing student. But it's always been my dream to be in pediatric oncology. Eventually I want to come a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner. It's pretty rough, but a little family member of mine had cancer, so I owe it to the nurses and doctors that helped saved my little monkey.
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    OB. I always love to answer this question. (:
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    ICU nurse... Cardiac or Neuro ICU then hopefully the CRNA.
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    I'm a cardio and trauma junky. After building up some experience, I want to go into trauma. I think it'll be a great basis to further progress into another specialty. Thankfully I get my trauma fill, by volunteering in an intense ER At some point I want to become a scrub nurse as well. I think I want to specialize in almost everything haha. But mainly cardiothoracics, trauma, and Sx.

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