What do I need for nursing school?

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    I start nursing school this fall. What are things I really really need to bring with me?
    What should I start mentally preparing for?

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    mentally you need to figure out your schedule. If you have a family it is great ahead of time if you have a calendar up so they can see what your schedule is and be sure to write in study time. a lot of people put as many bills as poss on autopay so they don't forget. You will have to find a way to manage school study and other responsibilities. How do you study? do you need to find somewhere that stays open late away from home so you can quietly study? do you need to make study groups? etc etc.

    they will tell you what to bring on the nursing side. otherwise it is your preference for taking notes type stuff or recording lectures if they allow it.

    good luck
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    Here is a list of things I wish someone Told me to bring to clinical in my nursing bag: gum (it helps to chew gum after you have smelled something particularly terrible, not while working of course) hand lotion ( I recommend body shop hemp lotion, saved my life) drug guide, ChapStick , pen light , pocket or wrist watch, water bottle, spare scrubs and socks, pocket notebook, at least 5 pens, and a basic nursing pocket guide. I also lugged my fundamentals textbook to all my clinicals and for the first few months of my very first job...but not 100% necessary hehe.
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    Prairienurse1989, may I ask how the hand lotion saved your life?

    What drug guide and nursing pocket guide do you recommend?

    Thank you.
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    Thanks so much for the advice! As for the drug and nurse pocket guide what do you recommend?
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    Before I started using the lotion, my hands were in terrible shape, cracked and bleeding on a regular basis, itchy. Now they are fantastics, no itching or cracking, thanks to the hemp lotion. I carry the RN notes pocket guide, and the Davis drug guide for nurses. You can usually purchase both pocket guides on campus at the bookstore.

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