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Volunteer Question...

  1. 0 Hello I am a pre-nursing student and I recently started a volunteer job at my local hospital, I did my first day of training today and I really enjoyed it. I have my next training day next Friday, at that time the supervisor would like to know what nursing department I would prefer to volunteer in. I would like to be in a department where I have the most experience in the nursing environment to observe and get my feel for the profession. Can you all give me any suggestions as to what department I would get the most hands on interaction and benefit from the most. Thank you for your time.
    - Brenda
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    Emergency Room
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    ER, ICU, medical surgical floors.
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    depends on the hospital. If it is a Level 1 trauma hospital I would ask for the ER or the Surgical ICU, those are both fast-paced and exciting. ER is pretty well-rounded, you will see all kinds of patients, but you wont see much along the lines of continued care, its more a "stitch em up and get em out" unit. Any ICU is a great place to see treatment plans, and to observe procedures, but a lot of your patients will be ventend/sedated. Floor/stepdown is good if you want to interact more with patients. Peds is fun, kids are really resiliant, but usually they don't have many patients unless it is a ped-specific hospital. Of everywhere I've ever worked (as a unit coordinator) Surgical ICU was my favorite, and I think ER would be second, but I really love patients who are sedated and can't complain and the fast paced environment