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I recently submitted my application for the Traditional Program at Valencia. I'm hoping to be admitted this Fall! Anyone else apply or are planning to apply for the Fall semester?! My advisor told me... Read More

  1. by   fomira83
    Quote from Bubblegum21
    When you got the email confirmation that your application was received for the evening program, did it say "your application for AS: NURSING PROGRAM evening/weekend was received" or did it just say "your application for AS: NURSING PROGRAM application was received." I'm really curious to whether they clarify the time of the nursing program.
    Hi I also applied for Valencia last week.
    Do you know how is the shedule for evening and weekend program?
  2. by   futureRN1999
    I don't know how the schedule will be for Fall, but the Summer schedule for Nursing 1 used to show from 6-10 a couple nights, 6-9 one night and I think it was all day Friday and/or Saturday. I don't remember exactly. They had it posted a couple of months ago but if you go look now, you won't see anything for Nursing 1 for the Summer. So, I am not sure if they will continue that for the fall or not and I am not even 100% that is what it is for this Summer - I am just going by what the Valencia course schedule showed.
  3. by   Bubblegum21
    I emailed my advisor and he said that the schedule for the evening program will be M-W 6pm-9pm, T-TR 6pm-10pm and clinicals Friday and Saturday. He also said that the daytime applications will be reviewed first before the evening applications. Hope that helps!
  4. by   futureRN1999
    Thank you! That is very helpful.
  5. by   futureRN1999
    Did you happen to see in the Fall course credit schedule for Nursing I that the evening times are M, W 6-9 and Sat 8-6? They have all the Nursing I courses for only 3 days/week- 2 days are 1/2 days and a 10hr day which I assume is lab/clinical (it was two long days 9-4 before - making it 4 days/week).