Valencia Community College Nursing Program

  1. Hi, I just got accepted into Valencia's nursing program. I would love to hear from students who are either in the nursing program or graduates of the program at Valencia as to how you liked it. How were the teachers? What is the success rate of students starting the program to students finishing? Thank you!!!
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  3. by   iPink
    I'm assuming Valencia in the Orlando, FL area (I use to live in FL). You may want to go to the "Region" tab and look for Florida and there are programs of discussion from students there. You may get more responses. And congrats.
  4. by   contaveras
    Hi there,

    I'm currently at the end of the nursing 4 semester and I gotta tell you the nursing program at Valencia is great. I can't speak to comparisons with other nursing schools but I can tell you that the nurses I speak to when I'm doing my clinicals usually have good things to say about VCC students. The teachers are great and very understanding but I'm sure that perception can change depending who you get advice from.

    If I'm not mistaken Valencia has a 100% nclex pass rate or 99%. I personally have not seen the pass rate posted anywhere just passing on what the instructors tell us. Good luck and prepare for the ride. Let me know if you have any other questions.