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  1. 0 I'm wondering if anyone else here is applying for or has gotten into the nursing program at Utah Valley University and if so, what is your GPA/TEAS score? I'm done with my pre-reqs and just not satisfied with my GPA so I'm taking a replacement math course to up my GPA by about .1 if I'm successful. I'm just wondering if it's worth the stress or if I could get in with a 3.71 and a higher TEAS score.
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    I'm applying for UVU's nursing program for fall 13. My pre req GPA is about a 3.8 right now if I remember correctly but I'm Still taking my last 3 pre reqs right now. I haven't taken the TEAS test yet, if you have what was your score and hOw was it. I think a 3.71 is good enough if you also have a good teas score. If you go to the UVU website and go to the nursing program I think it says the mean for those accepted is about a 3.70.
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    Can anyone give any insight into the interview and what is involved? What kinds of things do they ask you and what is the essay on?