USA and UK training

  1. howdy folks, i'm a newbie who as just reading through some of the forum. i'm a 2nd yr uk student, and was curious as to how different the training is abroad. it certainly sounds really different!!

    we do 45 weeks of studying each year for three years before we qualify. 50% of this is spent in university and the other 50% is on the wards.
    we do about 4 modules a year, of which we have two assessments in. i must say a huge part of our course is self study, we're not really tested on things at my university, we're given huge reading lists though and are left to learn it. i never feel theres enough time to be taught everything we need to be.
    our placement time means we have to work 37.5 hours a week on the wards, which is unpaid. sometimes you qualify for a bursary though. we have four branches of nursing here, adult, child, learning disabilities and mental health. you have to pick an area before you start your course and you qualify in this area only, as opposed to doing a common foundation ear then chosing a branch...which i think they're trying to bring in.
    it just sounds very different when i read all about other courses. how does it differ for everyone else, or is it very similar?

    its really nice hearing about other students experiences and opinions
    :spin::spin: xxx