Understanding student loans,what to expect as a full time lpn student

  1. Hello Everyone! I am writing this thread looking for some answers about what to expect being a full time LPN student and how to understand student loans. I am unemployed and have been for way too long and have found nothing!! This is why I decided to go to school to continue my medical assisting to a better opportunity as a nurse. This is a very long time dream of mine and a passion. I am from NJ, so I am going to the new Lincoln Tech campus in Paramus. I am so very excited to start school!! I can't wait to learn! Anyone else recently start there?

    I am starting school on the 28th of this month. To make a very long story as short as possible, I was collecting unemployment while looking for a job as an MA with no luck. I got a job but was let go because my skills just were not good enough or up to date. I actually felt really dumb and out of place where I was. I tried to my best ability to work hard and learn what I was expected to do. It was very upsetting to me that I could not keep up or figure out the computer system. I really liked it there and was glad to have been given a chance. They knew that coming into this job, I had no experience with the computers or the machines. Even though I was let go, I was told that I handled it very professional and they appreciated my hard work. So, that was a boost for me,even though I couldn't keep the job. Getting let go was a reality check that I really need to do something to better myself. I decided getting my LPN is best for me at this time. You've gotta start somewhere...

    I fought for almost 2 years to get any kind of help through unemployment, which by the way is pushed onto you to believe you are going to get sent to school right away when you first become unemployed. Now, that I have finally gotten the help that I need, my unemployment is going to run out in a week. I jumped through a lot of hoops of fire to get here now. I went to the workshops,meetings,made phone calls,sat with people, the whole nine!! This was actually becoming a job to get answers. But I was not going to give up. That's what they want you to do. From the time I was laid off, I kept perusing unemployment from the very start about going to school. I knew my skills were lacking a lot in the beginning. Getting hired and losing that last job so quick was proof enough!
    So, please do not get the wrong idea that I am trying to work the system, because they sure worked me!! I am fighting for what is told that we as displaced workers and unemployed is offered to us. These letters go out to us when we first become unemployed. I had everything to prove that I needed help in bettering myself..but was unsuccessful in reaching the right person until this year. So, that makes you think, doesn't it? Maybe the people that don't do their jobs at the office should be on the unemployment line, not me!! The best tip I can give someone in my situation is KEEP EVERYTHING you get from them. Even if it is a piece of paper you wrote on while speaking with someone on the phone. Write the date and person you talked to. Keep all of your job applications,notes you took,appointments you had for interviews...I have files for everything. If anyone else is in my situation, feel free to message me and I can give you tips and phone numbers in Bergen County. I would never want anyone to go through the hell that I did!! I would appreciate no nasty or stupid comments about this. Thank you.

    I was told at the school signing up full time is going to really limit what I can do work wise. I decided full time is quicker and this is the best opportunity to do it now. I took this on thinking OK, I can work on the weekends at least and will if needed...I am collecting and that will help me pay bills which is what I used it for this whole time anyway. Unemployment told me that there are additional benefits I should receive while in school. But since I passed the time limit I will probably have to fight this as well. I have all of that proof also to show that I acted in the correct time manner but the person I dealt with the first time was very uncooperative. I was able to get the notes that the people would put in from unemployment about my claim. You do have the right to ask for them and you should ask them for this reason. I applied for financial aid and was rejected. They offer you a grant,and there is money for it. You just have to keep pushing them and show up for the group even if they say there is none available. I have exhausted any other way of aid. So now I am onto loans and don't have a clue about them!

    These are a few questions I have:
    -Has anyone lived off of student loans and how does someone do that? I have never done this before,so I really don't understand how.
    -What private loan companies are accepted at Lincoln?
    -What are the best private loan companies to choose?
    -Has anyone else who has been unemployed or a similar situation as mine been able to attend school and work with this kind of program?
    -Anyone that has been through this specific program,please give me some pointers on what to expect.

    Thank you all who answer for your time in reading this post and answering me! I really appreciate it! :redpinkhe
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