Understanding PSB West Ga Tech LPN - Competitve Selection

  1. I will be applying for the Fall 2012 LPN program at WGTC. If anyone has questions regarding the PSB scoring system for WGTC feel free to ask. I have taken it once. I scored "pretty good" according to my advisor. At WGTC for admission into LPN the PSB accounts for 50% and grades are 50%. I look forward to hearing from other potential nursing students.
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    How to calculate Competitve Selection Score.

    To calculate PSB score:
    Add the last 5 raw scores.
    Divide by 305.
    Multiply by 50.

    To calculate academic portion:
    Only the courses needed for admission into the LPN program will be calculated.
    Points are given for each grade.

    Add the total of points.
    Divide by the total points available.
    Multiply by 50.

    Example: Score total is 21
    21/24= 0.875
    0.875 x 50= 43.75

    Student would add the PSB score and Academic score for Total score for Competitive Selection