This one is for the teachers

  1. Do you have any inside info that you would like to share w/ pre-nursing students? For example, forgive me, but I didn't know it was common decency to give up your seat for a nurse if you are a student. I did not know that students were not allowed to sit. Things like this can effect a situation very much. I was just wondering, is there any other inside info that you could share for someone going in?

    Stuff that may seem like common sense, but to someone who is unfamiliar w/ things it may not be? Sometimes people aren't necessarily rude or uncouth, but maybe...just ignorant as to how better to conduct themselves.
    So, teachers, what, in your opinion makes a good student, what makes an excellent one? What can a student do to stand out and how can a student make the absolute most of their nursing school experience?
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  3. by   lmccrn62
    I am a clinical instructor so here is what I expect from my students:

    Come prepared bring your tools.
    Dress neat and appropriate.
    Know your meds, lab values, medical history.
    Think of dome nursing diagnosis for your patient.
    Your cell phone needs to be put away there is no time for texting or Facebook.
    No standing or sitting around talking with your peers.
    Seek out opportunities ask if anything is going on the floor. Wound care, hanging iv's, tube feedings or patient going for a test.
    Spend time with your patient. Talk with them, do special things for them, comb their hair. Rub their back or feet. Offer to feed or help a patient with their meal.
    Go see another patient offer to help.
    If their are hourly rounding on the unit you are on go with the staff and make rounds.

    This is your time to learn because before you know it you will be practicing in the real world. Good luck!