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TEAS 5 TEAS v Preparation Tips

  1. 0 Hello community,

    I got 56 marks in TEAS 4. My institution have changed the teas version 4 to teas v and I am really nervous about preparing this. PPL are saying teas 5 is more harder than 4. I didn't have ATI books before but I have a teas v book now and start preparing for.

    Is ATI book is enought for teas v ?

    Any other tips ??

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    I took the teas-v test back in May for the first time. I have been out of high school for 20 years so I was scared to DEATH about taking the test. What I had not taken in my pre-req courses, I was relying on rememberring from 20 years ago. I bought several study books, but I liked the ATI study book the best. Best thing I can tell you is to really pay attention to the science section. On my test, that seemed to be the heaviest area, with a lot that seemed to be chemistry and earth science so I really struggled in that area.
    I would up making a 78% and I got into a nursing program and I start in a few weeks. I know it isn't a great score and I was going to take it again....but I was afraid that I would make a lower score! I didn't know how much was just luck that I got right!
    Spend the money and take a sample test online. I hated to spend the money; but I wanted to see where I was and what areas I needed to focus on more....and it was definately science!
    I can't stress enough to review the elements table. I wasn't familiar at all with it!
    Hope this helps!
    Good luck!
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    I will take the TEAS V test for the first time in January. I have no idea what to expect so I am nervous. My school is very competitive so I need to do really good. If anyone who has taken it, can give me hints about the Science section I would greatly appreciate it.