Taking the First Step

  1. Hi all!

    I've made the decision to pursue a Nursing career. I guess that's the best place to start. I'm hoping that I can tap this vast pool of knowledge to avoid any pitfalls and glean any good advice you all can offer.

    I live in Philadelphia and plan on attending the Community College of Philadelphia to complete my pre-reqs in Fall 2012. My goal right now is to enter Jefferson's FACT program in 2013. Any opinions on this accelerated 2nd degree program or any other in Philadelphia are welcome.

    While completeing my pre-reqs, I hope to find a part time job in a local hosptial to:
    A) not be completely dependent on loans, and
    B) get more experience in the health care industry.

    I have an EMT-B from NJ, which is accepted in PA, but the jobs I have found in my cursory searches seem to require EKG/Phlebotomy certification, which I do not have. Does anyone know of positions available for someone with an EMT-B cert? ER tech? I'd like to get back to using my BLS skills.

    Thanks ahead of time for any words of wisdom you can thow my way!

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  3. by   jocy_anne
    Hi Kevin! I don't have any info on the EMT position, but I will be starting the APW program at Jefferson in September. I debated for a while whether I should go for FACT or APW. In the end I felt that one year wasn't enough time for me to fully absorb all of the information (especially since I don't have any background in the medical field), so I chose the two-year APW program. Do you have any prereqs finished already? I just finished Chem II on Monday and will start Microbiology (my last prereq) on May 21st. Let me know if you have any questions about the admissions process or anything else! Good luck!!!
  4. by   KP325
    Thanks Jocy!

    Congrats on finishing up the pre-reqs. I can't wait to be able to say that. I have 0 pre-reqs done at this point, but I've been compiling all the info I'll need and now I'm in the process of applying to CCP. Where are you taking your pre-reqs? I am going with FACT because I am confident I can power through it and be ready to start a new career two years from now!
  5. by   jocy_anne
    I live in NJ, so I've been taking my prereqs at Camden County College. It's great that you feel confident about FACT! I'm sure you'll do well! Are you aiming to take summer classes at CCP? Jefferson will not make an admissions decision until you have at least 3 science prereqs completed and on your transcript. I applied to the APW program last September and my application was held for grades because at the time I had only completed A&P I and had just started my A&P II and Chem I classes. So I applied in September 2011, but didn't get my interview invitation until March 23, 2012. I had my interview on March 29th and was accepted on March 30th. Since the NursingCAS portal will open the FACT 2013 application in August or September, if there is any way that you can bang out a few of your science prereqs this summer, it would greatly increase your chance of being accepted into the program. I know that's a lot to take in one semester, though. Hopefully you can work it into your summer schedule!