Stressed out ! Do I have a chance of getting into an ABSN program?? Help

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    Hi, i currently have any undergrad degree in psychology with a 3.4 gpa. I've heard tht progtams in New York are extremely competitive so now I am looking for alternative ways to get into a prgram. Unfortunately, I got a B + in A&P l and microbio. I got an A in statistics and I plan to take A&P ll in the summer and retake chem in the fall before I apply. Do I have any chance with getting into an ABSN program in new York as of now? Like NYU , downstate, or even stonybrook?

    I badly need advice, I feel so disappointed at myself and stressed out.

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    I'm not sure how programs are in NY, but if you plan on retaking chem, make sure to get a better grade than last time and just work hard, study, and do everything you can to boost your GPA. What is your current GPA?
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    Thanks for the reply~
    My current gpa is 3.4
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    Quote from wolfwing
    Thanks for the reply~
    My current gpa is 3.4
    I believe any GPA of 3.5 or over is considered competitive (it can vary by school), so get it to at least that or above before you apply and I think you should have a chance.
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    Thanks, I will try my best!

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