Stonybrook 2012 hopeful...a few questions

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    This is actually my first post on here since deciding to pursue nursing as a second degree (Well actually third)...I just started to take my pre-req classes and I just finished this past semester with straight A's in both Chem and Bio. But I have a huge dilemna that i'm hoping someone can give me some sort of insight to. So here it is:
    First, I can't afford to go to a private nursing school as far as taking out any more loans than i already have since I maxed out completely when I went to school for my BA and MBA. Right now, I can say that I can try and save up enough money to pay for one year out of pocket for a state school (preferably Stonybrook). I do not like any of the nursing programs as far as Hunter or Downstate for me the only affordable school and for what seems to me like an incredible program is Stonybrook. Second, my GPA in my undergrad, shall I say is less than stellar and from what I've seen in past postings most people get in with at least a 3.3...mine unfotunately was a 2.5...chalk it up to being young, dumb and stupid...and not realizing what i wanted to do with the rest of my life. But later down the line I decided to try and go for my MBA. I graduated with a 3.03...which is at least better than my undergrad but nowhere near being competitive. Even though I finished my science pre-req's with a 4.0 for last semester and if I continue to get A's in all my coursework for the next 3 classes...(which is ultimately my goal). I still feel that it won't be enough. I'm definitely looking into volunteering ANYWHERE they'll take me so I at least stand out....and I'm taking the GRE's in Jan. (only reason why I signed up is b/c I thought I wanted to go to Pace U. until I saw the tuition per semester and decided otherwise). I'm trying to think of other ways to make myself stand out and I'm even considering taking the TEAS even though I know its not required. My whole goal at this point is take all my pre-req's before the application date opens in Sept. so maybe if I send in my app early everything will be in place so I at least have a chance of getting into the program.

    AND here are my questions....knowing how competitive the school is and doing all these classes and volunteer work coupled with the tests I will be taking along with at least having somewhat of an advantage since i have a there any possibilty that I might get in? Is there anything else that I can do to make myself stand out other than having a flawless essay (which I plan to start working on in the beginning of the year)? Has anyone been in a similar position and made it in? (I would feel so much better if someone out there has)....Also, I know this is crazy...but I'm not applying to any other nursing schools....none of the programs in the area interest me..or I should say a few do but again, I can't afford it. So, i'm putting all my eggs in one basket and hoping and praying to every GOD imagaginable that I make it in....A whole years worth of work to not get in would be really hard to take since I'm paying for my pre-req's out of pocket and sacrificing alot of time spent to completing this endeavor....If anyone out there can give me some advice I would greatly appreciate least to put my nerves to rest...
    Thanks in advance for any responses
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