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Hi everyone! I have an AA degree that will transfer bc of an Illinois articulation agreement with the colleges here. However, I never took college algebra, just a pre algebra class. I'm now starting at a community college... Read More

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    Quote from Melissa1986
    Oh, I understand. So why are you going for PA rather than Nurse Practitioner?
    In my area, there is more job opportunity for PAs than for NPs. There are 2 major universities with DNP programs and the market is flooded with new grads. The closest PA program is about 45 minutes to an hour away. The hospitals here hire PAs over NPs hands down. I want to be able to work when I'm done with all this expensive education

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    (For some reason, my response posted twice and I can't delete it. So, I'm editing it!)
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    At age 27, you'll be one of the young 'uns in the class :-)

    The primary difference is likely to be the kinds of examples that are provided... the underlying statistical tools and concepts are the same irrespective of the field.

    Do be careful, though, because some programs are very specific and will only accept certain classes.

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