Should I take Intro to Chem online during the summer?

  1. Help, please! I'm trying to decide whether I should take chemistry online during the summer? Our nursing program requires a 3.8 GPA to get in, and you must have four of the six sciences completed before applying. I have the required GPA currently, but I'm trying to decide if I should take chemistry online this summer or take it in the classroom. I went to school full-time last summer, and hated it. I'm a wife and mom also so I'd like a small summer break if possible. I'm already registered for Lifespan development and A&P II during Summer Term B so I need to decide whether to do the Chem online or in the classroom during Term A since I absolutely need a good grade in it. Math isn't my strongest area (I'm barely a B student in Algebra) so I feel like I'm going to shoot myself in the foot if I try to take an accelerated course online. Has anyone pulled this off? Please just tell me I'm crazy for thinking I can if it's not realistic. I promise you won't hurt my feelings- I'd rather not waste thousands of dollars on a semester that'll be the death of my nursing school aspirations to be honest. Lol
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  3. by   RubySlippers06
    I feel your pain of being a wife and mother and trying to get done with school. Personally, I think online summer classes are way harder than in-class summer classes. When you are in class, the teachers seem to understand the amount of work they are asking you to do and are a lot more straight forward with what you need to know. In online courses, the teachers assign almost the same amount of work as the regular 16 week class. Both online and in class say it is the same amount of work, but I think in reality the in-class makes it a little easier. Also, if you do online, it will be more time consuming overall because you have to teach yourself.... Just my opinion. Do you have to take two sciences this summer or can you take it in the fall and still graduate at the same time?

    I was going full speed in school, taking classes nonstop and maintaining a 4.0. I had to slow my my speed down just a bit bc I didn't have time for family and my kids were starting to suffer. So, I am getting all classes I can take before actually being in the nursing program out of the way; so, when I start the program, I will only have to take about 8 credits a semester.