Should I keep retail job while finishing off pre-reqs for nursing or

  1. I am new to this thread, so please bare with me! thanksI am 24 and finished my bachelors in health education few months ago. I never planned a career in this field, but chose it as a back up and graduated with honors. My goal was to become a nurse since I was 16, but I struggled academically for years in college (long story). Anyway, I want to give myself a second chance and pursue my goal. I currently work in retail to pay off my tuition fees for nursing pre-reqs and I plan on applying to nursing second bachelor's next year. I also volunteer at a hospital. I am not sure if I should quit the retail job, and postpone the pre-req classes and work full time within my field and save up instead? If I do work within my field, I probably won't have time to volunteer!
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  3. by   MeekaNichole
    Well it's good that you have this retail and it's helping you with school. Also you have to keep in mind that, if its only you who's paying for school, then you can easily take advantage of financial aid. This can help you! Just keep the job!

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