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Before I go into detail about my dilemma and myself, I would first like to say that all I want is a realistic response. I don't need sugar coating . Be as brutally honest as possible, PLEASE. I just want to know if I will have a... Read More

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    Ask your counselor if you are eligible for academic forgiveness. It is a one time deal that wipes the slate clean.

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    With a 1.375 GPA, many places won't even let you graduate, because you didn't pass the courses. How can you be awarded a
    degree in a field if you cannot demonstrate proficiency with the material?

    Aside from that, it depends on where you apply for nursing school. Here in my state, my GPA was wiped clean when I transferred my
    pre-req credits to my current school. When computing the GPA for my nursing school application, they only looked at the most recent
    required classes (sciences, fundamental classes, etc.).

    I would think if where you want to go is similar to my school, you could re-take the classes you previously failed to boost
    your GPA, and to get the knowledge that you failed to learn the first time.
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    I started my prerequisites with a gentleman who had a GPA like yours. He had to take a lot of the classes that he had failed over again to boost his GPA but eventually he got into a program and he is on his way! Your GPA is an obstacle but if you want to go to nursing school don't let anything get in your way. figure out what you need to do to do and make it happen. It might take you longer than you will like but if you don't do it you will look back in five years and say " I really wish that I would have started because I would be done right now if I had".

    You won't regret the things that you do, you will regret the things that you don't do. It's been said a trillion times because it's true.

    Best of luck!

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