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Okay so I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I am looking to go to school and get my Associate's in Nursing (for now then may possibly go for my Bachelor's once I've started in the field). All of the... Read More

  1. by   MrsCurious1
    okay thats a lot of good info. i had looked into Herzing at one point and decided i didnt want to go there but i am looking into getting more information about Bryant and Stratton. im just trying to figure out the admissions process and all hoping to start soon if possible.....
  2. by   nitrorocket
    So how was your education at Bryant & Stratton? I am enrolled for Jan 2011 and am nervous. I have 6 classes that transfer:

    -ENG 101
    -MATH 103
    -A&P 1
    -A&P 2

    I have see all these videos on youtube about how "B&S screwed me". I am a 33 year old male that has been an Engineer most of my career. I am just really concerned about getting to 5th semester and failing somehow. If a person fails, you lose your time, your money, and all your credits and it seems many fail in the final MedSurg 2 class and ATI.

    Any first hand info?

    Quote from dodgegirl713
    Also with the last class that graduated in July, out of the 13, 1 person failed NCLEX and 1 has not taken it yet. So the pass rate has greatly increased for NCLEX compared to what has been said in the pass about the pass rate. Most of them that have took NCLEX passed with 75 questions.

    There is no wait list at Wauwatosa for the program. Each incoming cohort after me (I'm in 5th sem) is bigger than my cohort. But they increase the amount staff to accomendate the larger cohorts or offer more options for the class times avaliable.