School choices! ahhhhhhh

  1. So I have applied as a transfer to a couple nursing schools, and I am pretty sure that my choice will come down to University of Arizona vs University of San Francisco. They are pretty much complete opposites and I am pretty much at a loss which one to pick. I get the impression that USF maaay be better academically, though it is much more expensive, but again I am not really sure because they are so different.
    Also, how important is it to go to school in the area that you would like to work? I would ultimately like to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area because that is where my family is
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  4. by   xxkmpxx
    I've never been to Arizona but used to live in the bay so my response is biased lol. I LOVE the city, it is soooooo much fun and a great place (in my opinion) so obviously I would definitely pick SF
  5. by   ßåߥ
    It is semi-important to not very important depending on where you want to get a job. It could be important if you go to a prestigious school that the surround hospitals know of by name and know they roll out great nursing students, but not that important because even though you may have clinical's at those surround hospitals, it will be highly unlikely you will be able to network within the system while in school.

    If you want to be in San Francisco, go there. The tuition difference may be because it is in California and everything is more expensive there, but either way you will have quite a lot of loans.

    If you still have time, try to apply at a few more places to increase your odds!

    Happy Hunting!