sc4 w grade?

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    I applied for the nursing program which will start this fall, but I was told you have to pass all of your winter classes to be allowed in. I'm not doing well in one of my classes and would like to drop it. Will this affect my chances of getting in the program?

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    I think that the only person who can tell you that would be the advisor of the program you applied to. If it's not a required re-requisite, then it would probably be okay, but I would ask the advisor first.
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    I'm pretty sure you need to pass all of your classes if you are accepted into the program. If you don't mind me asking, what class are you struggling with? I am an Sc4 student and I am in HE224 right now and I am struggling badly but I am trying to push forward with the class. I have a 79% in the class which is failing on the nursing scale (only by 1%). It is best to speak with your advisor for the answer though, they are very helpful.

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