San Jacinto ADN program spring 2012

  1. Hello, I was hoping someone with a little insight could help me out. I most recently applied for the spring 2012 adn program at san jacinto college. My GPA is a 3.23 and I scored an overall grade of 85% on my HESI with an 88% for both my A&P and Biology and I scored an 18 out of 30 for the rubric score. Can anyone tell me if I have a chance?
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  3. by   montov
    Did you get in? I am trying to apply for fall.
    yeah I got in. Be ready to make sacrifices...
  5. by   montov
    I am working on my application for Fall 2013. I am anxious because I know it will be tough and there will be sacrifices.....but not knowing how tough and what sacrifices is scary....But I'm still ready to begin my journey of becoming a nurse.

    What does your day or week usually consist of?