Question about Application to NOVA nursing program in VA.

  1. 0 I read somewhere in here that most of the accepted applications to the nursing program are those who have also completed a lot of the co-req classes other than nursing that are a part of the 2-year nursing program. Is this true?
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    While I don't know if most of the accepted students had completed a lot of the corequisites or not, it certainly wasn't counted against you if you didn't. I was accepted last year without any of the corequisites. Your prerequisite GPA (particularly in A&P) and TEAS scores carry more weight than anything else. Many just choose to complete the corequisites beforehand so that they can focus all of their attention on the nursing core classes.

    BTW, you may get more helpful responses if you try asking this in the Virginia nurses forum.
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    Thank you very much. This was helpful. How is the nursing program going so far?
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    Quote from TiffBennett07
    How is the nursing program going so far?
    Unfortunately I couldn't begin the nursing program this year due to a family emergency, but I plan to start it this upcoming fall. Are you going to apply for the traditional program too?
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    Yes I am hoping to start in the fall. Just a little anxious about getting accepted. I really can't afford to wait until the next time around.

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