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  1. I'm in my second week of prerequisites at a city college in the San Francisco Bay area and already feeling overwhelmed. I have at least 8 classes to complete this year to be able to apply for multiple schools. I thought it best to give myself as many chances as I can to get into a program as they are very impacted here. I plan on transferring to get my BSN. So this semester is my first after not being in school for at least 13 years. I've done some college. I'm taking Intermediate Algebra, Chemistry, Intro to Biology and Nutrition. I had to juggle my first week of classes with an all day intensive Red Cross CNA course that was in its final week and missed a few classes that first week and got behind on my reading as I was hyper focused on taking my state certification exam which was also that week. Thankfully I passed and am now certified. I work part time from home on my own schedule only around 10 hours a week max. But, I to have a 3 year old who keeps me busy.The question I have is for those of you who have been doing prereqs and aced them with A's what was your secret? Any study tips you might be able to pass along? I guess I feel like I've been out of school so long I'm not as accustomed to studying. I mean I know how to study but I want to to it efficantly and make the most of the time I have to do it properly. I got A's on all my exams in my CNA course which made me feel confident I could tackle 4 classes.Any tips or recommendations are much appreciated!
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  3. by   Katsmeow
    Everyone learns differently. I was able to retain info best by making notecards and annotating my textbooks.