Pre-Nursing Program student NEEDING ADVICE

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    I am new to this site and am liking everything I see on here. Nursing is something i am very passionate about and have decided will be the career I want. I am trying to figure out what path I should take when it comes to the nursing program. I am currently taking my last pre-req this semester "fall 2011" and will be joining maricopa's waiting list as soon as a finish this class. The problem I am having is that I dont know if I should apply for the part-time program or the accelerated one through gateway community college. I currently work full time as a manager at a bank and do well for myself but this is not my passion. If i did the part-time program I could still work and it would be fine and dandy but the waiting list is OUTRAGEOUS. On the other hand if I did the accelerated program I will still have to wait the same amount of time but I also wouldnt be able to work full time and I need to work because I have bills to pay! I am so torn and dont know what to do. If anyone has completed the part-time program or is currently in the part-time program please shed some light on my situation.
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