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  1. Hi everyone! So I just received my BA in Economics this month. However, I've been really wanting to pursue a nursing career since over a year ago. I don't plan to apply to a nursing program till Fall 2014 since I still have to complete a few prerequisites. Therefore, I plan to work during my free time.

    So as a pre-nursing student, where do you think I should work? Or what certifications/qualifications do you think I should obtain that would help me in my nursing career? Should I get a CNA certification and work as a nurse aide? I'm also thinking of getting an entry-level admin job at a clinic/hospital. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   arwsonice
    The entry level admin job would be great. If possible I would get a job in the health care especially if u don't have any volunteer hours or direct patient care experience...

    But honestly, it depend on where u apply... I got my CNA, EMT, over 200 hours of volunteer hours.. I applied to an entry level masters program (which I would recommend because u have a BA) and they told me all that information was not needed... So idk..

    So my conclusion is yes start building up ur health care resume... CNA, EMT, volunteer... Just get some direct patient care... Good luck
  4. by   3shaaa
    First off, thanks for all the input and sharing your personal experiences! Yes, I've been volunteering at the local hospital for the last 6 months and have over 150 hours so far and plan to do more before I apply to nursing school. I definitely agree that whatever job I choose to do besides completing my prerequisites, I should focus on a healthcare related job.