Pre Nursing Fears

  1. Currently I'm applying for LVN (I'll have an answer by summer). I'm not too stressed about it though as I'm still finishing up this last pre-req, I had originally planned to apply in March next year but was told I could apply -this- year.

    So I'm pretty excited about that or at least was ... 'until' I looked into the RN programs. I don't know what possessed me, but I started googling those who got kicked out of nursing programs and even viewed a few forums on here. I guess I just wanted to see if it was possible and a lot of it was, but I know for a fact I have a clean record - so a juvenille report doesn't bother me.

    Then I found out that if you fail two courses, you'll be kicked out, but I guess I'm a little unclear as to failing what. A test? A quiz? 1 assignment? I think I'm just worried of the 'what if' scenario. To go through nursing school for two years, be a week away from graduation and for one reason or another fail. Then all that work is for nothing, yes you can reapply, etc etc.

    I dont know the exact details but I heard that if you fail two things you'll be kicked out. Maybe other people on here have more info? I'd appreciate it, it might calm my fears.

    In actuality I'm not too worried about the LVN program or nursing studies in general. I'm pretty confident in myself and have a great supportive environment (church, family, that sort of thing).

    I guess I'm just worried about the RN, even though its still some ways off for me. At times it just consumes me as in a worst case scenario. I know there are a lot of great nursing students, pre-nurse, nurses and even other medical staff that use

    So I just sort of wanted to air this out and get it off my chest. I don't know if I'm worried about letting others down or letting myself down. And then I'm having a hard time being realistic without feeling negative, I don't want to go in arrogant with airs and not think the worst but ahhh! I just can't help it.

    Maybe someone can make sense of what it is I'm feeling or trying to say here and with whatever you have to say, I thank you in advance.
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