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Has anyone taken A&P I and II at the same time? Suggestions? I'm hoping I can do this and apply at my local community college and get into the Fall 2012 RN program. Currently I'm working full time at a job I LOVE, but it's... Read More

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    btw I at my school AP1 is not a prereq for AP2...my friend took them both and got B's

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    Are you sure that your credits from your previous bachelor's won't transfer? I was 8 years out of school and my credits transferred. I was under the assumption that credits "expired" after 10 years, but that's not the case apparently. I guess it varies school by school?
    Also, since you already have a bachelors, have you considered doing an accelerated nursing program? There are a lot of programs that give supplemental courses along with clinicals and you can earn your BSN in 12-15 months. It's hardcore, but completely manageable!
    Best of luck to you & I hope that you can get your courses done in time!
    I found myself in your shoes about this time last year and made a complete life change. I've been elbow-deep in A&P, Micro, and other prereqs and I'm loving every minute of it! I'm hoping to get in to my school's Spring '12 nursing class, so I've been busting my hump to crank out all the prereqs (and the prereqs for my prereqs!).
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    April: My previous classes do transfer, but won't count toasted my nursing application because sciences have to be taken withinnthe last 5 years. Ad for an accelerated program, that would be wonderful! BUT I don't have a good GPA at all from my bachelors because I goofed off way too much (2.34 to be exact...). Sonim taking the long road, but determined now more than ever. Are you applying to an accelerated program? Good luck with your current courses! You can do it!! When do you find out about the spring acceptance? Very exciting!! Best of luck!
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    Have you tried using edukan? You can take an accelerated A&P I and an accelerated A&P II back to back and get them done within a semester? I've taken (and am still taking II) both accelerated and it requires a lot of time, but I imagine one before the other would be a lot more helpful.
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    I don't think you can take A&P I and A&P II concurrently; however, you can take them back-to-back. I did that during the summer. I took A&P I in the first summer session and A&P II in the second session. It was a lot of work, but it was the only class I had so I had all the time I needed to study. Highly recommended to take it in this manner.

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