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  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    I was getting ready to go to Ft. Carson and CSU Pueblo for their ABSN program and then at the last minute I find out we're staying in Oklahoma. Gotta love the Army!

    So, now I'll be applying the University of Oklahoma's (OU) ABSN program in Duncan and I was hoping that I could get some information about: admissions, the actual program, class size, instructors, clinical schedule, nurse tech opportunities @ Duncan Regional etc.

    I've spoken with an advisor, so I do know that 2.5 gpa is the minimum. That's about all I know about admissions. Is there a minimum amount of prereq credits that have to be completed by the time of application? How long does it take for the school to notify applicants of acceptance/denial?

    I'm currently waiting for the 2010/2011 application to be updated and I'm really excited about the program but I can't seem to find much information about it. Most of the information I was able to find at the OUHSC website pertained to the OKC program.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    Did you ever apply? I am a military wife and I just found I was accepted. It would be nice to carpool and find a study buddy.
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    I got my acceptance letter today as well. Carpooling and studying would be great! I'm an Army spouse. Do you live on post or out in town? I live out in town.