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I'm studying pre-nursing at Tarrant County College and I expect to be done with my pre-requisites by the end of this summer. The sciences I'm required to complete are Chemistry, A&P 1, A&P2, and Microbiology. I started off with... Read More

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    Quote from thats so awesome
    Chemistry was insane when I took it. It just made no freakin sense to me. I finally found an incredible study group (thank you Jesus ) and it finally clicked. Hope everything turns out well for you!
    I did the same. Group saved my *ss. Chem was the hardest of the pres for me.

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    I'm going to try to find a study group, then...
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    hi im also a pre-nursing student at TCC and taking chemistry as well. I made a 100 on my first test but that was due to countless hours of studying. What i try to do is scan the chapter before lecture so you're not totally clueless during class then after class do the problems after each chapter. and if i still dont understand the material the science learning center really helps. i always use khanacademy.org for some of the stuff i dont understand like balancing equations and it really helps. so good luck to you (:
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    So far chem is kicking my butt. Our professor seems like he's used to teaching more advanced classes and has no sympathy for us that have never taken chem before. He has a confusing teaching style to begin with and gets offended if you ask stupid questions. I think our class average for the last quiz was in the low 60's. We just had our first real test last night so we'll see how it goes. At this point it's getting very discouraging. I've had straight A's up to this, now I'm just hoping I'll pass this class so I can move onto A&P. Of course the college doesn't offer any chem tutors at night for us folks that have to work during the day So we are trying to put together a study group as well... hope there's light at the end of the tunnel!
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    Sounds like Chemistry is tough for a lot of people...I can't wait for A&P. I took honors in high school and it was so much easier to understand.
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    It's finally clicking for me some! I found a workbook with practice problems and am devoting time to that its helping alot
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