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    i had a question related to some oklahoma nursing programs. i’m a sophomore at a community college with a gpa of 3.8 and i intend to transfer to earn a bsn. for the long-term, i’m interested in having the option to pursue a master’s degree in nursing, physical therapy, or speech pathology if i want to. i can envision myself as a nurse practitioner or somehow involved in research. my first choice is the university of oklahoma, though rogers state university and oklahoma baptist university are other schools i’ve looked into. but i was wondering, is it necessary to earn all as in your science prerequisites to be competitive? it’s not that i want to do the bare minimum and i always strive for an a, but it would be helpful to know the real averages of students accepted into these programs. ou states on their website that “in general, only human anatomy, human physiology, microbiology and general chemistry will be calculated. no other science courses will be used to calculate this science gpa.” i’ve already taken intro to bio for majors and made a high b, and am enrolled in honors anatomy and honors nutrition this fall. i should be able to make an a in nutrition and will work very hard to pull off an a in the other course. i’m also curious to read any experiences from nursing students or graduates of the programs i listed above. thanks for reading.
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