Nursing school interviews!!?

  1. Im a prenursing student at uvu, and to get into their program you first have to apply and based on your gpa and teas score you are selected to interview. After that acceptance isis based just on your interview. The interview took 2 and a half hours... it consisted of a group interview, 3 one on one intervie ws and a timed essay. Has anyone gone through a similar interview? I had mine October 18 and im not sure how to feel about it...we wont know for 2 weeks if we are accepted or not. They take 40 people a semester and last semester 80 candidates were interviewed. Im just wanting to know what other schools inyerview process is like? Crossing my fingers i get in just so i dont have to interview again.
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  3. by   Bronto
    I am interviewing soon! Did you get in? What can you tell me about the interview process? What kind of questions do they ask you and what was the essay on?

  4. by   olivia18
    So I didn't get in my first time, but i forgot to bring my immunizations records with me to the interview so I pretty much knew I wouldn't. I just interviewed for my second time on tuesday so will be finding out in about 2 weeks if I got in or not. They pretty much just ask the general interview questions just more situational, they'll give you a situation and ask what you would do kind of thing. It's pretty hard to prepare for cause you just don't know. I can't really say what the essay is like, it's hard to explain, and I signed an agreement to not really discuss it. I'm assuming you probably interviewed today or yesterday if you had one for the fall semester? I think today was the last day that they said they had interviews, so I'm probably not very helpful...