NH - Rivier Fall 2010 Evening Undergraduate Program

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am very excited about starting the program in the fall. I was wondering if there were any other people that will be starting in the fall. Wether you're attending days or evenings or are already attending the program at Riv. I was hoping to hear (read) some insight to how the program works, what to expect, work load, amount of books, teachers and interaction of students, oh also the general atmosphere of the students. I do know that right now in prereqs everyone is very supportive of eachother, I hear that the program becomes cut throat (but i do just like to think I am hearing scary fairytales). I am interested in a sneak preview of what to expect and maybe to also hear some pointers on prestudy work. I have the summer free of classes so I will have some spare time late nights (I have 2 girls, two and a five years old ... so post bed time I'll be looking for something to do). I am very interested in getting some insight on clinicals. I work in an office and have been here for almost 10 now, before that i was a butcher and a machinist. I am excited and a little nervous at the same time to be honest. I wonder if these feelings of nervousness are normal and is there anyone else out there feeling the same.
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