Newbie trying to figure it out! Seeking Input.

  1. Hello Y'ALL!

    I came a cross this site and it looks like there is a ton of information here!

    I am currently at the fork in the road with a career choice. I am a 32yr old male, kids and married. I recently had a career change and have been working as an EMT-B. I kind of fell into the medical field but love it. I am still deciding if I want to go to medic school or nursing school...

    Here is where I need some input. I really cant stop working due to financial obligations and life stage. With that being said, I see it almost impossible going to nursing school plus working. I was told that I should go to LVN school part time and then do the LVN to RN bridge. I found a LVN school that will really work with my schedule but it will take 2 years to complete then about another year to complete the bridge once I get in. I think this may be the best route for me due to my situation.

    Does this plan make sense? is it feasible and realistic? Through your experince, do you see any set backs or issues that I might have?

    Also, I am just starting my homework on the cost of LVN schools. The part time program will cost about $25k (southern cali)... is this in the normal range?
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