National University Fresno Cohort 21

  1. Hello!
    I thought I would start a thread for us FresYES people patiently waiting for our acceptance/denials coming in JUNE!

    How did everyone do?
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  3. by   Rosie2107
    Hey!! I have applied for cohort 21 also at the Fresno campus! I just finished my essay on Tuesday and I feel pretty good about it! My gpa is 3.88 and my teas score was 93.3. This next four weeks of waiting for that letter/email is going to be the longest four weeks of my life!!
  4. by   londyloo913
    Wow your stats are good!
    I have a 3.753 gpa and my teas is a 90.0. I'm so curious to see what everyone got, especially since there are only 59 applicants now!