My rant, rave, and organization thread - page 2

Name: Nikki School: University of Louisville, Kentucky Occupation: Full time student, lower division nursing (pre-reqs), bsn program. Just thought I'd start a thread to post about the... Read More

  1. by   tfleuter
    well, at least you have that class behind you and you can move on to the next one!
  2. by   libnat
    True, true, and my gpa will still be a 3.5 cum which is just acceptable.
  3. by   libnat
    OMG I pulled a B in chem. Just found out she gave us all 5 extra points on the final. ****** awesome.
  4. by   guiltysins
    You and I can rant all about Stats, Anatomy and Psych together this coming fall lol. By the way has anyone else called you crazy for taking those classes together yet?

    I know what you mean about the diff between a C+ and a B-. I'm right in between that for the bio class I'm taking. If I get a C+ my gpa will stand at a 3.46 but if I get a B- it pushes it over the 3.5 mark which is what I really want.