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Name: Nikki School: University of Louisville, Kentucky Occupation: Full time student, lower division nursing (pre-reqs), bsn program. Just thought I'd start a thread to post about the struggles I know are coming. I... Read More

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    Classes done, crappy schedule but I have what I need. To top it off.

    This course is offered as part of the Kentucky Virtual Campus program.
    you will be charged 130% of in-state undergraduate tuition for these hours, even if you have already been billed as a full-time student.

    That was all that was left.

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    So that's $410.80 per credit hour online vs $316.00 regular. That is ******** ****** theft. It doesn't cost them more to do them online.

    That is $1232 for this class vs $948.

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    I have passed chem ya'll. Back on track now even though I am a little cheesed off I am going to get a C+ for my 79.8% instead of B- since the teacher does not round up. The difference to how those two effect your gpa and look is huge.
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    well, at least you have that class behind you and you can move on to the next one!
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    True, true, and my gpa will still be a 3.5 cum which is just acceptable.
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    OMG I pulled a B in chem. Just found out she gave us all 5 extra points on the final. ****** awesome.
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    You and I can rant all about Stats, Anatomy and Psych together this coming fall lol. By the way has anyone else called you crazy for taking those classes together yet?

    I know what you mean about the diff between a C+ and a B-. I'm right in between that for the bio class I'm taking. If I get a C+ my gpa will stand at a 3.46 but if I get a B- it pushes it over the 3.5 mark which is what I really want.

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