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    I am a male pre-nursing student at hunter college of cuny in my sophomore year. I'm applying for the nursing program at hunter. My GPA is a little bit above a 3.5 and my nln exam may be around 140-150. We need to write a career statement to be considered for the program and i'm not sure if mine is good enough. Could you someone please look over my paper and give me some constructive criticism? And also, I know my chances of getting in are slim but how slim is it exactly? lol Thank you!!

    As a young child I have always wanted to grow up and make a difference. Being single-handedly raised by my divorced mother has motivated me to be focused on my studies so that I may one day provide for her like she did for me all my life. At the age of six, I became a first generation immigrant that was not granted permanent residency until my freshmen year of college; I learned to be resilient and optimistic about the future as long as I dedicate the hard work. A lot of pressure and opportunity falls on my shoulder when considering that I am the first person from my family to go to college and support an aging mother that will not be able to support herself much longer. I consider this a privilege, to be able to accept the responsibility to secure a financially stable future so I can establish a foundation for the future generations of my family.

    My aspirations of becoming a nurse extend beyond the desire of helping people. As a young child, I have been fascinated with the human body and the scientific and technological advances that prolong human life. After taking a course in Anatomy and Physiology I, I was overwhelmed by how complex the human body was. It was the most difficult course I have ever taken but I attained the highest grade I have ever gotten in a science course because it motivated me to work harder than ever before. I have come to understand that kindness is not the sole characteristic necessary to becoming a successful nurse but also hard-work and the ability to work under pressure.

    In high school, I became interested in the nursing profession after undergoing a surgical procedure at the Long Island College Hospital. While I was there, it occurred to me that not only were the nurses caring and helpful, they were competent healthcare professionals who knew exactly what I needed. In my freshmen year at Hunter College, I volunteered at the Lenox Hill Hospital to familiarize myself with the hospital environment. There I met a handful of inspiring ICU nurses that gave me advice on my career path and allowed me to shadow them whenever possible. The experience truly strengthened my determination to work harder so I can one day be like them. I feel that nursing is truly an inspirational profession that provides an invaluable service to society and it has been an ambition of mine to be a part of that profession.
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