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Hi Everyone, I am taking Microbiology in this spring semester. (Only this course). Please advice me about studying time, method or plan and easy way to practice or any other tips to score good. And how hard is to get A in... Read More

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    For me, it was spending a little time every day to memorize the bacteria and virus lists we were given. I took good notes in class and recorded lectures. I talked through hard-to-grasp concepts with my study partners until I had them. I always take advantage of any and all resources our school offers. Plus, although I didn't do this, I always recommend utilizing your instructor. They have office hours for a reason! If you need help with a concept or study tips, ask your instructor. They are a wealth of information and most are always happy to help.

    Good luck!

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    I tested out of microbiology. I took the NLN exam and I must say it was the best option for me. I previously took micro before while taking 15 other credits at that time. Needless to say- THAT WAS WAY TOO MUCH lol. I ended up getting a C in it, and was so disappointed. To save my applicant profile I decided to test out. I mainly used "schaum's outlines - microbiology, second edition" by Edward Alcamo (Has a white and red cover)and an old lab book. I did phenomenal. The outline book was basically a clear summary of everything important. The lab book explained the lab processes with tons of detail and pictures. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE BUY SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL FOR SCIENCE CLASSES. It worked for me and I was studying and preparing for this test during one of the busiest times in my life (I was sooo short on time). You can do it! Best wishes!

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    Thanks everyone. Info you given are really helpful and gave me a good idea and different ways to prepare for the exam.
    I planned to go by priority of textbooks, class notes, quiz questions, videos and supplementary science books. Thanks again for your time.

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