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  1. Hi All...

    I posted this in "general" b/c I'm not paying attention to where I am

    anyway this moreso belongs here:

    I stumbled across this and thought it might be useful.

    I was having a complete brain freeze on the decimal issue (moving it etc...) and fractions even though I took a basic math and finished algebra last fall (feels like a million years ago) Anyway I was going into a panic b/c I start Chem in a week and I was looking over my book testing out the problems (dimensional analysis) and that was coming okay till I tried the long division! Then I fell apart thinking I've forgotten EVERYTHING I've ever learned!

    Then I regained my senses (what's left of them) and found this quick link...exactly what I needed...I know it, I just needed it to click.

    Hope this helps some others. Happy studying...I'm psyched and nervous at the same is that possible?
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    Here's another link where you can print out several different varieties of graph paper. I would print my paper out at the college library so it was free!

    There are also some helpful info at the site but you have to search for it.