LPN classes at Nostrand ave or 125 st manhattan

  1. hi all . i'm about to start the lpn program at one of these locations n was hoping that someone from the pass that had attented these schools can tell me waht i might need to get r would they give me the list of the supplies i have to buy when i go in to pay for the registration ?
    [color=#483d8b]question for the students that has graduated from these schools , was it hard ? 2 years class pushed into 10 months . did u have time for anything else ? n how was the nclex test ? was it like the cnet r was it a lot more difficult ? there is so many question that i have . i wasn't nervous until now , as i know classes r starting soon n i'm starting to feel pressure .
    [color=#483d8b]i'm just hoping that i can make it , i have 2 babies at home that i have to take care of as well . somewhat a single mom , my bf and i have too much differences that we can barely work out so most of the time i'm back home at my moms place since she's onoy here 1-2 nights a week only . but i'm worried with a 1 and 2 year olds here plus school might b too much .
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  3. by   tastyteesh3
    hi i was thinking about attending this school also.. however i lost all the info can you please give me the number to the school all i remember is its located on nostrand and its 10 months and its starts in december... please get back to me thank you in advance