Looking for gpa advice and opinions

  1. Looking for some advice and opinions about my chances of getting in to a program, and advice on what I could do to improve my odds!

    I am applying to an accelerated MSN program that uses the following criteria for admission, with none carrying more weight than any other:
    • Undergraduate or graduate academic preparation and achievement
    • Personal qualities as assessed from interviews
    • Professional recommendations
    • Personal statement
    • Standard Test Scores - TEAS & ACT
    In my undergraduate program in a non-medical related field, I made decent grades but nothing to write home about. A sprinkling of A's, lots of B's, a few C's. However, when I began working for a children's hospital and realized I was missing my calling as a nurse, I enrolled in pre-reqs and have been getting all A's, save for statistics where I earned a C (and plan to re-take).

    I interview very well, will be turning in recommendations from docs/nurse practitioners I work under at the hospital, have worked very hard on my personal statement essay (and my undergrad was in writing! ), and will be turning in a 29 on the ACT and have been testing very well on TEAS practice exams and am studying my TAIL off.

    I'm just hung up on my undergrad GPA from my Bachelor of Arts program - I believe its a 2.7. In my nursing program pre-reqs, I have 5 A's, 1 C. They require a 2.6 for the pre-reqs.

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