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I just recently finished my pre-reqs for the Nursing program at the Technical College I am attending with a GPA of 4.0. I am thrilled to be finished and recently spoke to my advisor who sent me the materials to begin studying... Read More

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    Good to know. Thanks for the responses. All schools around here require college level chem and some require organic chem.

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    Yes, I am finished with all sciences--4.0 GPA, so I spoke to an advisor who said my chances of getting in are extremely high. I am currently studying for Kaplan in February.
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    While waiting to start my nursing classes I took some classes that would be applied to my RN to BSN program.

    Have you taken ALL the classes needed for the RN program or just the pre-reqs(electives, sociology, psych etc)? If you haven't taken all your classes needed to graduate the RN program I'd suggest getting some of those out before you start your nursing classes. If you have I'd go with my other suggestion of doing some of the BSN classes in your time lag of between now and when you start the nursing program. Not only will doing that chip away at the classes needed for the BSN, it will also keep you in the swing of things in regards to school. I know for myself, I have always taken classes in every semester (including our winter break and summer) because if I stop the school momentum I'll start losing motiviation haha.
    First off, I would like to thank everyone for the supportive and insightful responses!! I really appreciate you guys! Like I said previously, I attended a major university right out of high school and knocked a few things out of the way. I took Advanced placement courses in high school, so I started off in college taking 1102 classes instead of 1101. I knocked all of the basics (Sociology, English, maths, Humanities, and Psychology) out of the way and only took science (and a random computer tech class) at my current institution. However, once transferring to other institutions, many require advanced Chemistry, Physics, and Religion classes, etc. I have contemplated taking these classes online or such and possibly transferring. I would love to have that BSN behind my name! LPN and ASN is sort of phasing out...I have been doing some job searching, and many of my friends who are LPNs or LVNs are all going back to school for more advanced degrees. By the time we graduate, I feel it will just be the standard!

    I too have also taken classes all year round because I have no time to waste...this past year, I took classes every single semester. During the summer, I took four classes and worked full time and also took a CNA class on Saturdays. I got so little sleep, I was like a walking zombie...I wanted to cry when I was finished because I've never worked so hard in my life. I am ready for some of this work to pay off! Thank you guys...the support is very motivating for me! ♥
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    Yes! I agree completely..University of Massachusetts has what looks like an amazing RN to BSN program where you would only have to travel to Boston for the clinical hours, etc. I am really considering that. I would love to work as an RN and have the institution help fund my education. That would be a big help. I am interested in becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and ultimately want a DNP. A major university in my city has that very program, and the university is quite prestigious...I would love to be accepted.

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