LCON Fall 18 hopefuls/University of Memphis/Nursing - page 2

i know its very early but has anyone applied to UofM nursing program yet besides myself. I am excited and nervous at the same time... Read More

  1. by   EMT_2RN
    So you saying she looking mainly for having all 3 sciences done, high science Gpa. Did she say that u won't get in if they are not all done
  2. by   kelizabeth18
    No she didn't say that you couldn't get in without all of the sciences. She just mentioned the sciences have a heavy weight in the decision.
  3. by   EMT_2RN
    Aw that sucks.
  4. by   EMT_2RN
    The lady I talked to today at my tour said letters won't be sent out until May or June.
  5. by   kelizabeth18
    Weird I heard 6 weeks when I went. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait until June