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  1. 0 I been a Lab Tech Asst for 20yrs and my children are all adults. I live alone and I want to pursue my dream to become a nurse. I am 45 and would have to start with my pre-requisites. I was trying to decide if I should do the Lpn then Rn or just do Rn? Thank you for any feed back
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    Whatever works best for you ....

    Got the flexibility and money?

    Go straight for RN.
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    Where do you want to go with your career in nursing? Will that require you to be a lpn or rn? Have you looked into colleges and their lpn and rn programs? I personally choose to go for my rn (the associates degree path, for now) because it is only a year longer than the lpn program offered at my local community college.
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    The reason I was planning to do the Lpn first bc its probably easier to support myself through the Rn program. I can probably get something 3days a week vs as a Lab Tech my company doesnt offer part time.
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    Do you plan on working full time during the lpn program? If it is only an extra year for the rn (associates) I would highly suggest you to push through it and work full time as you get the rn. I have heard of many others doing so! You can do it