Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

  1. I saw some other threads about the Kaplan Nursing Entrance exam but they were all from Fall. How did all of you who are taking it this spring do?!

    I took it today and got a 90%. I studied from Kaplan's study guide and found it completely superfluous once I had taken the test! It seriously wasn't that bad.

    What were your scores?!
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  3. by   Jenneffere
    I just took the Kaplan at the University of South Dakota. My score was 88. I did study using the Kaplan book, but honestly you don't need to know any of the science information that was included in the book except for the A & P. In fact, you need to know more A & P than what the book included, so getting a cliff book or any A & P review book would be better. The A & P was mainly neurology ( go over what controls what on brain function), cardiovascular and respiratory , but also 1-2 questions each on immunity,blood, renal, GI, homeostasis, and sensory. There was no geometry on my exam. Just lots of fractions, ratios, conversions, some dosage calculations, a couple simple algebra problems and about 7 word problems.
    I am posting this, because I had a hard time finding information on what to expect on the exam.
    Keep in mind that every question missed deducts more points than you would think, so really study. For instance, I missed only 1 on the reading section and that brought that score down to 95%. I missed 3 on the science and that brought my score down to 85%. Just take your time, use all the time allotted, and make sure to go over your answers before starting the next section on the exam. I was literally the last one in the room Not because I am slow, I was just being very cautious.
    They are not only looking at your total score they are also looking at your critical thinking ability.
    The Kaplan study guide, in my opinion, wasted a lot of time that I could have used concentrating on reviewing my A & P.
    Good luck to all of you looking for Kaplan entrance exam information to prepare for your exam. I hope this helps.
  4. by   dvo81
    Wish me luck I take it this sat... Thanks for your information I have been studying for over a month with the kaplan book i'm really really nervous.. I will try to concentrate more on the information you provided. thanks
  5. by   tippy77
    I just recieved my test date of May 23rd and am SUPER nervous. It is do or die at this university...if you do not pass this test it does not matter how high your GPA is. I just bought the study guide and am wondering how many months in advance did most start studying. I am really worried about the math...although I hear its very basic I get math anxiety whenever I take a test and totally blank out. Any suggestions?
  6. by   greenemeralda
    I came across your comment & wanted to ask you how did it go? My test is next Wed. I am going nuts
  7. by   LittleBirdie
    In my opinion, the study book was completely useless. At my school we are only required to take the math and reading portions, and those sections in the book are way more difficult than what was on the actual test. I took the exam without studying at all. I figured if I bombed it I would have an idea of what to study for and take it again (we are allowed to take it twice in a year). I took the exam about three weeks ago and scored a 91 on the reading portion and an 89 on the math. I missed 5 questions total. I'm thinking about taking the math section again as my school is on a points system and the Kaplan scores are used as a tiebreaker between two students with the same amount of overall points.

    The math section is fairl
    y simple and there is a built-in calculator that you can use. There is no geometry - that's what I was freaked out about the most because there was SO MUCH of it in the book and I haven't had geometry since high school...over ten years ago. It's mostly addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of decimals and fractions, several percentage questions, and a few nurse-y type word problems involving dosages.

    Good luck ever
    yone. By the way, this is my first post here. Looking forward to being a part of the forum. I will probably be on here all the time once this semester is over with and all I can do is wait to get that letter in the mail!
  8. by   ndb0001
    On the Science section, were the A&P questions tricky or were they straight forward? From what I have heard, the questions can be very specific rather than general questions.